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Befesa awarded the contract to upgrade and enlarge "El Conquero" Drinking Water Treatment Plant, in Huelva

Befesa Medio Ambiente, the parent company of Abengoa's environmental services business unit, has been awarded, under a JT (Joint Venture) with C. Sandio, a more than 9 million euro contract by Hidroguardiana to enlarge and upgrade the "El Conquero" Drinking Water Treatment Plant (DWTP), in Huelva.

The "El Conquero" drinking water treatment plant, located in the upper sector of the city of Huelva, supplies the entire metropolitan area and draws most of its water from the Andevalo-Chanza-Piedra system of reservoirs. Due to its characteristics, the water is subjected to a disinfection process and subsequent continuous chlorine sterilization process. However, Due to the ever more constant presence of pesticides at levels above the maximum values permitted in water for human consumption, upon the legal requirements being stricter now regarding both the maximum content of Trihalomethanes and the global corrosiveness of water, and upon the population of the locality also having increased, the drinking water treatment plant has to be enlarged and upgraded.

The objective of the works awarded to Befesa is the enlargement of the El Conquero Plant process line to ensure the treated water meets the quality parameters established in the legislation in force and increase its current 45,000 m3/day capacity to around 90,000 m3/day, to ensure the supply of drinking water for the city of Huelva and its surrounding areas.

With this new project, Befesa contributes yet again to sustainable development and thereby fulfills one of the company's strategic objectives by solving the drinking water supply problem for more than 140,000 inhabitants as El Conquero is the only drinking water treatment plant in Huelva and, up until now, it had neither the capacity to supply a population of this size nor the means to do so.