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José Marañón, new Chairman of Agua y Gestión

José Luis Manzanares Japón, Chairman of Agua y Gestión since its creation, will step down after three years in the post, and hand over the reins to José Marañón Martín, who was named at the latest meeting of the board of directors.

Agua y Gestión began under the chairmanship of José Luis Manzanares and over the last three years it has grown significantly, increasing its sales, income, personnel etc. and is beginning an important expansion in Extremadura, among other locations, becoming a leading operator not only in Andalusia but in various areas outside of the region. The company has consolidated under the chairmanship of José Luis Manzanares, who also chairs Grupo Ayesa, one of the shareholding companies together with Befesa, Codesa, Itsmo94, El Monte and CajaSur, and is currently operating at full capacity with excellent prospects.

José Marañón Martín has been a director of the company since its foundation. A man with an impressive reputation and extensive experience in the water sector, José Marañón has held various positions at Abengoa, among others, throughout his professional career. He was Projects Manager for the Hydraulic Division and subsequently became Assistant Manager and then Manager. He was Abengoa's representative in Venezuela, General Manager of Abensur and is currently General Manager of Befesa Construcción y Tecnología Ambiental, a company belonging to Abengoa's environmental services business unit.