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Befesa awarded the maintenance and conservation of several dams in Murcia

The Directorate General for Water invited tenders for the maintenance and conservation of the Valdeinfierno, Puentes, Argos, Rambla del Judío, Carcabo, Santomera and Alfonso XII dams, in Murcia, upon it becoming aware of the need to keep the infrastructures of our hydraulic heritage in a perfect state of operation and conservation, not only from a hydraulic security point of view, but from an operational point of view as well.

The joint venture established by Codesa, Befesa Construcción y Tecnología Ambiental, and Infraestructura y Ecología has been awarded said maintenance and conservation contract, on which the legislation in force will be strictly enforced.

The dams, although relatively close to one another, are of very different features. Of the lot, the oldest dam is that of Valdeinfierno which was completed in 1806 with a capacity of 13 hm3. That of most recent construction is the Puentes dam, completed in the year 2000, with a surface area of 273 hectares. That of the largest capacity is the 50 hm3 Carcabo dam. The predominant type of dam is the gravity dam which is generally made of concrete, with the exception of the Argos dam, which is made of loose materials, screen and homogenous matter.

Codesa is experienced in dam maintenance operations as it has already carried out works on the Conde de Guadalhorce dam, in Malaga, the Los Bernejales dam, in Granada, and the Almodovar dam, in Cadiz, among others.