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Befesa signs contracts to supply ingoting lines.

Slovalco, based in Ziar nad Hronom, Slovakia, has 150,000 tons per year smelting capacity. The plant's total production is marketed in ingot form, primary and alloyed.

The equipment, capable of producing 25 ingots per minute, will pig 8 kg ingots in a fully automated manner.

As a novelty, the facility incorporates cooling programs that are predefined in function of the alloy unit whose objective is to facilitate the stripping and minimize the suck-in, and on the other hand the stack marking system with colored stripes in function of the alloy.

The 1.5 million euro project is currently at the execution stage.

Alba based in Bahrain, and in which the government has a 77% shareholding, is one of the largest plants in the world. Its annual production capacity is 830,000 tons following its expansion in 2005.

The 4 million euro project will enable the purchase of two belts that will replace the three that actually exist.

Sohar Aluminum, based in Oman (Persian Gulf), is a project for a new primary aluminum producer. The technological partner on the project is Alcan, a company that participates with a 20% stake together with the Oman Oil Company and the Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority, each with a 40% stake.

The plant's initial capacity will be 250,000 tons per year that will be poured in ingot form with two Befesa lines.

The belts, with 23.7 kg ingot and 27 tons/hr, will also incorporate an on-line truck loading system.

The value of the project is 4 million euro, FOB Bilbao.