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The consortium formed by Befesa has been awarded the construction of infrastructures for the watering area of the Navarra channel in its first phase

The board of directors of the Navarra channel has awarded the construction and operation of infrastructures for the watering area of the Navarra channel in its first phase, i.e. up to the Aragón river -which is a tributary river to the Ebro- to the consortium formed by Caja de Navarra, Acciona and Befesa, among other companies.

The consortium that will execute this project will invest and pay 180 Million Euros in advance, and later the Administration and the watering companies will pay a usage tax during 30 years. This type of financing is called "shadow toll".

This first phase includes an extension of 23,619 hectometers and the Municipalities that will benefit from it will be: Puente de la Reina, Artajona, Larraga, Mendigorria, Berbinzana, Miranda de arga, Olite, Tafalla, Peralta, San Martín de Unx, Beire, Ujué, Pitillas, Murillo el Cuende and Santacara.

The second phase will be awarded later on and will include 29,515 hectares with an investment of 277 Million Euros. The Government calculated that between these two phases, watering infrastructures will have been installed in 48 Municipalities in Navarra.

These actions are part of the Watering Plan of Navarra, and they intend to be a solution to the current situation of the territory, which is characterized by the lack of exploitation of dry areas, as well as by the low proportion of watering areas in Navarra, the strong trend towards depopulation and the insufficient agricultural production for the high agro-industrial potential of Navarra and the reputation of its brands in food quality.

Befesa Construcción y Tecnología Ambiental has always cooperated with the agriculture field and has put into operation watering systems for more than 500,000 hectares. The current modernization programs for consumption rationalization in this field are indispensable to increase its competitiveness in the global market.