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Befesa participated in the Second Specialist Encounter: Desalination within the A.G.U.A. program

Befesa participated in the Second Specialist Encounter: Desalination within the A.G.U.A. program, which took place in Madrid on July 5 and 6. The sessions were inaugurated by the Minister for the Environment, Cristina Narbona, who took the opportunity to announce that in the coming months the Ministry will award contracts for five new desalination plants to produce 210 cubic hectometers of water a year. Narbona also pointed out that Spain is foremost in the World in desalination with technology developed by Spanish companies which is now so efficient that they also tender to build desalination plants in other countries.

This encounter, organized by Recoletos Conferencias y Formación, allowed those attending to know the economic/ financial plan that will govern the tender for the plants that are in the construction phase or in the long term study for the whole Mediterranean coast. It also served as a meeting point for public and private sector specialists in desalination. The topics discussed were: new actuations in desalination, desalination in the water policy of the autonomous communities, analysis of the current situation, problems and prospects of desalination in Spain, and finally some specialists from the private sector presented practical cases.

Befesa participated actively in these working sessions within the private initiative and the desalination business presenting a paper read by Guillermo Bravo, managing director of Befesa Construction and Environmental Technology. The paper focused on reducing the cost of desalinated water, minimizing environmental impacts, the most efficient membrane technology, financing this type of project and the best way to reduce desalination energy costs.