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Codesa to construct the Sewage Treatment Works (STW) in Bornos (Cadiz)

Codesa has been awarded the contract to elaborate the project and execute the works for the sewage treatment works in the municipality of Bornos, in Cadiz. The treatment plant will provide a service for a population of 7,500, treating an average daily flow of 2,850 cubic meters by means of a prolonged aeration (low load) process and centrifuge for sludge dehydration.

The size of the site on which the plant will be located is 4,621.46 square meters and is within the area affected by the Bornos reservoir into which the treated water will be discharged. This means that the layout of the treatment plant has to be sufficiently compact so as to enable the installations to be situated at levels that provide for the effects of the maximum rise foreseen for the Bornos reservoir.

The contracting Administration for the works is Egmasa, the Regional Government of Andalusia's Environmental Management Company, which is now responsible for the calling for bids for works derived from the water competencies assumed by the Regional Government of Andalusia's Department of the Environment.

This is the third project to be awarded to Codesa by Egmasa in 2006 following those of the Durcal-Nigüelas STW, in Granada, and the enhancement of the purification and treatment systems in several municipalities of the Almanzora and Los Velez regions, in Almeria.