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Befesa inaugurates a hazardous waste transfer facility in Lucena

On June 28, 2006, the Mayor of Lucena, Mr. Jose Luis Bergillos Lopez, inaugurated the new hazardous waste transfer facility that Rimador, a company in which Befesa has the majority shareholding, has in Lucena in the province of Cordoba.

The inauguration ceremony was also attended by the Mayor of Villa del Rio and by Befesa's chairman, Javier Molina.

The 15,000 ton per year waste treatment facility is licensed to manage all hazardous industrial wastes pursuant to Royal Decree 952/1997, and Ministerial Order MAM/304/2002, with the exception of biosanitary, explosive, radioactive and infectious wastes. Due to its geographical location, the wastes the new plant will receive for treatment will be mostly from the timber sector: non halogenated solvents, resins, varnishes, paint and/or sanding powders, among others.

There are several steps to the process the wastes follow upon arrival at the facility: they are sorted first of all and then stored in the facilities available at the plant for this purpose, for not more than six months, and they are finally forwarded to a suitable center in accordance with the nature and characteristics of each waste.

The entire facility is automated and enables arrival and departure of trucks and the final destination of the wastes to be controlled. In addition, it has the infrastructures required to store solid and liquid wastes and the plant can also be enlarged as only 1,300 square meters of a 14,000 square meter plot has been constructed.

Befesa's concern for the environment is constant and this results in it offering an integral waste treatment service. This begins with its efforts to prevent waste generation and continues with the recycling of wastes that have already been generated, and the final link in the chain is the forwarding of wastes to disposal centers that are safe and guarantee the utilization of sustainable development techniques.