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Befesa Fluidos will construct two leachate treatment plants in Madrid and Zaragoza

Last May, Befesa Fluidos was awarded two contracts for one million and one million three hundred thousand euro, respectively, to construct two leachate treatment plants in Madrid and Zaragoza.

Leachate is the water that has filtered from stored urban waste which, due to its bacteriological and chemical load, must be treated prior to being disposed of in natural means. In addition, the urban waste contains approximately 40 percent humidity that, together with the aforementioned water produce the leachate. In waste storage centers, the rainwater can become loaded with contaminants during runoff. These contaminated waters are called leachate.

The leachate plant to be constructed in Madrid for the Joint Venture formed by Urbaser, Sufi, and Geotécnia y Cimientos, S.A, will be at the "La Paloma" biomethanization facility located in the Valdemingomez Environmental Complex, the current dump utilized by the Madrid Local Authorities. The plant will treat a daily flow of 110 cubic meters.

In addition, Befesa will execute, for the Zaragoza Waste Sorting Plant, the supply, installation and start-up of another leachate plant it will construct at the same facility to treat a daily flow of 200 cubic meters.

The technological process to be employed at both plants to treat the leachate is a pretreatment process in which the leachate will pass through a series of different sized filters, biological treatment consisting of an aerobic process with an anoxic area, an ultrafiltration process and, finally, a reverse osmosis process. The final result is an effluent of such quality that it may be reutilized in other activities: flushing, irrigation or even discharged into the public water channel while meeting the specifications established in the dumping legislation in both autonomous communities.