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The Superior Technical College of Engineering of Bilbao and the company Befesa Medio Ambiente renew their scientific and educational collaboration commitment in the "Befesa Classroom"

The objective of the Befesa Classroom, established in the headquarters of the educational center in the year 2000, is to contribute to the training of future engineering professionals and the development of R&D in chemical, environmental and process technologies.

· Metallurgy and aluminum recycling, the revalorization of steel powders and sulfur waste, or the elimination of organic contaminants in scrap metals are some of the projects in which the College students will be able to participate.

· Befesa, the holding company of Abengoa's environmental businesses, is a leading company in industrial waste management and environmental engineering, with 21 production centers throughout the country.

· The Superior Technical College of Engineering of Bilbao also has other Company Classrooms, such as Aeronautics and Eco-design, or those promoted in collaboration with Robotiker, Iberdrola or the Ormazabal Group.

Bilbao, May 29, 2006. - Today, the Superior Technical College of Engineering of Bilbao and the company Befesa Medio Ambiente have renewed their Framework Scientific, Technological and Educational Collaboration Agreement, and have approved the activities for the next course in the so-called Befesa Classroom. By means of this agreement, Engineering College students will participate in R&D projects related to the Environment, which is the company's priority activity sector.

Befesa's collaboration with the University of Bilbao through this Classroom is justified by the vast experience demonstrated by the company over many years in the fields of zinc and aluminum recycling and industrial waste management, which are subjects that will be studied during the course.

The agreement between the academic institute and the company is part of the initiative undertaken some years ago by the Superior Technical College of Engineering, focused on creating company classrooms that simultaneously develop corporate scientific research and the supplementary training of the students. In addition to Befesa's case, the Aeronautic and Eco-design classrooms, as well as those promoted in collaboration with Robotiker, Iberdrola and the Ormazabal Group, are the result of this effort to enhance the quality of education and bring it closer to the needs and requirements of the Basque industrial sector.

Next course activities

The activity plan for the 2006-2007 academic year in the Befesa Classroom includes activities related to metallurgy and aluminum recycling; applications for the oxide from this material; the recycling of steel powders and upgrading of industrial facilities; zinc oxide applications; the implementation of ISO 14000 and waste management. The specific subjects to be studied will focus on aspects such as the reactions of aluminum oxidation, the removal of organic contaminants in scrap metals, the aluminum alloys from second smelting, the treatment of wastes from this material, the design and control of smelting furnaces, carbonates in steel powder recycling, or the valorization of wastes from liquid sulfur filtering. We would also mention that synergies with other R&D&I projects being carried out by Befesa companies in other centers such as Labein-Tecnalia, Inasmet-Tecnalia, Inatec, etc., will be pursued.

The activity of the Befesa Classroom will be developed through R&D&I programs and projects, courses, workshops and training sessions, doctorate and postgraduate programs, the preparation of theses and end of career projects, exchanging of professors, experts and professionals from the business world and universities for research and training activities, as well as studies, tests and other experimental tasks. At the end of the academic year, the activities carried out in the 2006-2007 year will be presented in the College's Aula Magna.

The activity of Befesa, Abengoa's Environmental Services subsidiary, focuses on providing environmental services for industry and the construction of environmental infrastructures. It is a listed company and closed the 2005 financial year with treasury stock in excess of 397 million euro and billing of 402.4 million euro. (