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Befesa to construct leachate plant for Epremasa, the environmental and waste management company of the province of Córdoba

Befesa Fluidos has been selected by Epremasa to construct a leachate unit at the waste treatment and reprocessing plant in Montalbán, for more than €900,000.

Epremasa, which is owned by the Córdoba provincial government, is responsible for managing municipal wastes produced in the province. The company controls household refuse collection, selective collection of paper, cardboard, glass, household belongings, large scale items and light packaging as well as their corresponding transport and treatment at management and refuse plants.

The Montalbán plant treats waste from more than 450,000 inhabitants in the 52 municipalities in the southern part of the province, using industrial processes ranging from treatment of raw and organic municipal waste through to selection processes, composting and processing, as well as the removal of refuse to controlled waste disposal sites.

The new leachate plant to be constructed by Befesa will have the capacity to treat 29,000 m3/year (11,000 m3/year will be generated by the complex itself and the rest will come from other centres) using a technological process for high content industrial wastewaters, fully controlled by Befesa in various facilities for different types of waste.

It consists of an aerobic biological process commonly known as MBR (membrane bioreactor), developed in simultaneous nitrification and denitrification reactors where up to 90-95% of the contaminating material (COD, BOD) is broken down by bio-chemical reactions into CO2, H2 and heat. Next the effluent passes through an ultrafiltration phase and subsequently, if necessary, through a reverse osmosis stage achieving even higher yields and complying with Spanish and European legislation waste requirements.

The quality of the resulting leachate can be reused in other activities such as vehicle washing or plant irrigation. The waste generated from the process must be non-hazardous and suitable for disposal in a municipal waste site.