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Befesa will conduct the decontamination works at Tussam's former bus depots

Befesa has been awarded a contract for more than 250,000 euro by the Seville Local Authority's Urban Development Department, to conduct the soil decontamination works at the sites of the former bus depots of Tussam, the Seville municipal public transport company.

Upon Royal Decree 9/2005 coming into force, all lands used for potentially contaminating activities must be subjected to decontamination actions, given that soil is one of the most sensitive and vulnerable contamination receiver means. At the "Rio Summit" of 1992, the importance of soil protection and its potential uses in the context of sustainable development was recognized, in particular against contamination from actions or activities of an anthropic origin.

The works that will be conducted in this area will be of three types, depending on the features of the lands, given that, upon the site being a former bus depot, there are vehicle maneuvering and subterranean fuel tank areas. The works will be conducted in the following order:

  • Concrete floor and paved area breaking up works. These wastes will be classified as non-hazardous and, given their nature, will be removed to the municipal dump.
  • Excavation of hydrocarbon-contaminated soil; for subsequent refilling with external clean soil. This will then be compacted to enable the lands to be put to another use in the future.
  • Dismantling of the gas oil and fuel oil tanks. For this purpose, gasification will be utilized to facilitate sludge extraction. The sludge and hydrocarbon-contaminated soil will be removed to a plant where they will be managed in accordance with the hazardousness features of the waste matter

These works will free the soil of contamination which, in turn, will allow the site to be utilized for another purpose.