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Befesa - Completion of the Villaviciosa de Cordoba, and Casares, Malaga, STWs

Befesa has completed the works on the Collectors and Sewage Treatment Works of Casares, in the province of Malaga, and that of Villaviciosa de Cordoba, which were built got the Department of the Environment of the Regional Government of Andalusia.

These two projects are part of the Andalusia Environment Plan, one of the basic objectives of which is protection of the water environment, and which, for this purpose, includes specific activities such as the above focused on achieving suitable treatment and regeneration of urban wastewaters, especially when their discharge may affect Natural Protected Areas of Andalusia.

The two projects included the collectors for transporting the population's effluent and the Sewage Treatment Works themselves, which are designed for a population of 6,000 and 3,144, respectively. The treatment process is a combination of the prolonged aeration processing of active sludge with a stationary bio-disc type culture process.

Villaviciosa de Cordoba STW is in the Natural Park of the Hornachuelos mountain range, which at the same time is part of the Sierra Morena mountain range in the western region of Cordoba province. Casares STW is in Los Reales de Sierra Bermeja Natural Park, in Malaga.