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Bahía de Bizkaia Electricidad congratulates Befesa on inspection works carried out

Dear Sir,

I hereby wish, on behalf of BBE, S.L., to congratulate you on the performance of the above-mentioned inspection works that were carried out most satisfactorily from quality, scope, safety, health and environment points of view, considering the scope and the activities to be carried out.

This result is, undoubtedly, due to the joint effort of all who participated in all the phases of the inspection works, including the preparation and completion phases of the activity.

We would therefore ask you to pass on these congratulations to all the members of your company that have worked towards the achieving of this result, and we would reiterate the fact that excellence in SSMA at BBE, S.L. is an absolute priority and that activities such as yours are those that enable us to identify improvement opportunities that will, undoubtedly, be applied and demanded in future inspections.

Best regards,

Jose Mª Bronte

General Manager