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Befesa participates in the exposition entitled "The Environment in the University City"

On November 29, the exposition entitled "The Environment in the University City of Madrid", and sponsored by, among other companies, Befesa, was inaugurated in the "Alfonso XIII" Royal Botanical Gardens. The main objective is to emphasize the environmental aspects related with the privileged surroundings of the University City.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by the Rectors of the Madrid Polytechnic and Alcala de Henares Universities, and of the UNED and all the sponsors. Befesa Gestión de Residuos Industriales was represented by Alvaro de Rojas Marin, Miguel Berastegui Baldan, and Angela de Vicente.

The exposition was organized by the Green Plan Mixed Commission which is part of the University City of Madrid Consortium, which is currently chaired by Javier Uceda as Rector of the Polytechnic University. The Consortium is formed by the three above-mentioned universities and Madrid’s City Council.

The care for, conservation and improvement of the area depends on the active participation of all parties: official bodies, companies, the university community and the population in general. Therefore, public and private companies that contributed to the elaboration of panels on the most current issues participated in the organizing and sponsoring of the event.

Befesa participated as a sponsor and presented an explicative panel on good recycling practices and the reutilization and management of hazardous wastes within the University City. The panel detailed the main wastes that are generated and the management thereof through the following stages: waste generation, documentation processing procedures, planning of removal, communication of the transfer to the corresponding environmental body, collection and transportation with official documentation, final segregation at the plant (including handling, pre-treatment, conditioning) and, finally, forwarding to authorized centers for final disposal.

Through this activity, Befesa demonstrates its desire to contribute to the integral protection of the environment and involves itself in new areas such as the university sector.