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Befesa will utilize the SALT system to clean Petróleos del Norte’s (Petronor) tank TK-115

Petróleos del Norte has awarded Befesa the contract to clean tank TK-115 at its Muskiz Refinery, in Biscay. The "SALT" Automatic Tank Cleaning System will be utilized for the work.

The cleaning of large crude oil tanks with the "SALT" or automatic tank cleaning system consists of dissolving the slop oils employing the mechanical-thermal energy transmitted by injectors installed through the roof support guides. The crude that is used as a dissolvent is taken from an auxiliary tank. It is heated and then pumped to the injectors by high-flow pumps. Subsequently, the product recovered from the slop oil dissolving process is pumped to the auxiliary tank, which enables the reutilization of the raw materials.

This system is applicable to any type of tank: large and medium size, floating or stationary roof type crude oil, gas oil and fuel oil storage tanks. In addition, the cleaning time required is reduced considerably compared to manual techniques. The system enables cost savings and the work is carried out under safer conditions while maximum recovery of hydrocarbons and minimization of generated wastes is achieved.

Cleaning features:

The tank in question is a 70.13 meter diameter floating roof crude oil tank. Thanks to the automatic cleaning system, only 54 days will be required compared to the 88 days that would be required were the manual system employed. The amount of waste generated, and therefore requiring management, will be considerably less than with the manual system. This results in a reduction in management costs. The technique is environment-friendly given that there are no emissions to the atmosphere during the execution of the works.

In addition to cleaning large crude and fuel oil tanks with the SALT automatic cleaning system, Befesa Tratamientos y Limpiezas Industriales has also specialized in other activities such as: hydrodynamic cleaning, chemical cleaning, dry powder extraction, on site waste treatment, the extraction of catalysts in inert atmospheres, and hydro-demolition works.