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Befesa awarded the 750,000 euro design contracts for two water and effluent treatment plants for Solucar Energía

Befesa Fluidos has been awarded the design contracts, 540,000 and 210,000 euro, respectively, for two water and effluent treatment plants for the PS-10 plant belonging to Solucar Energía, an Abengoa subsidiary dedicated to solar energy electricity production in the province of Seville.

A novel purification system that has only been utilized in two or three facilities in Spain will be installed in the water treatment plant. Therefore, the Solucar facility will be one of the first plants to utilize this technology.

The process consists of pre-treatment by chemical proportioning of a coagulant, the aim being to destabilize the particles that, due to their size, do not settle, and for this reason a chemical compound is added (coagulant). Subsequently, sand filters are utilized. These will have to be cleaned as time goes by as they will become saturated and their load loss will increase. Then a two-phase reverse osmosis treatment process is utilized, followed by secondary treatment of the fine elements to eliminate the particles of the least weight and size that have not been removed earlier. Finally, the water is treated by electro-ionization to obtain ultra-pure water with a conductivity of 0.2 microSiemens per cm2. This is the quality level required for the water for optimal functioning of the energy production equipment, the turbines, and the cleaning of the heliostats.

In addition, Befesa Fluidos will construct the effluent treatment plant for Solucar’s Generating Station. Although the flows are not excessively high, the process will be by settlement with chemical proportioning and sludge treatment with a centrifuge settler.