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Befesa has been awarded the contract to supply and install the bilge and wastewater collection equipment in the port area of Tarragona

Befesa Medio Ambiente, Abengoa’s Environmental Services business holding company, has been awarded the 330,000 euro contract to supply and install bilge and wastewater collection equipment in the port area of Tarragona.

The aim is to provide the ports with the equipment required to collect and treat bilge and wastewater in accordance with marine protection-based Royal Decree 1381/2002.

The bilge from ship engine maintenance activities has a high content of oil, solvents and detergents that, when in contact with seawater, form contaminating emulsions that are difficult to treat. These waters are classified in the MARPOL (Maritime Pollution) legislation and their discharge into the sea is prohibited.

The contract contemplates the treatment of the waters from merchant ships, fishing trawlers and privately-owned vessels in Tarragona ports through the construction of eleven stainless steel plants fitted with the pumping and treatment systems required to extract the waters from the ships and achieve an acceptable discharge level.

The treatment consists of breaking up the emulsion through heat resistance by increasing the temperature of the liquid by between 60 and 80ºC to produce an advance separation of water/oil and subsequently run the water through a coalescence separation system. The objective is to obtain water with oil content of less than 10 ppm and, in addition, oil with a minimum proportion of water so that the oil may then be reutilized as fuel.