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Befesa Zinc Aser modernization and environmental improvement project

On 19th July 2005 Befesa Zinc Aser signed contracts with Leasing Mobiliario Sindicado to a total investment value of 16.3 million euros, to finance the acquisition of a Waelz Kiln to replace the existing kiln and a new Gas Purification System. The operation, brokered by Bancantabria, involves the participation of the following financial entities:

  • 23,0% Bancantabria Inversiones, S.A. E.F.C.
  • 22,0% Franfinance, Spanish branch
  • 22,0% Natexis Lease, Spanish branch
  • 16,5% Financiera Veneta E.F.C., S.A.
  • 16,5% Banco Espirito Santo, S.A.

The operation includes the financing of the construction period for both installations and their leasing for seven years following the completion of the construction work.

The operation is to be carried out within the framework of Befesa Zinc Aser’s environmental strategy and fully reflects the Voluntary Agreements signed between the Basque Government’s Department of Land and Environmental Planning and companies within the Iron Smelting, Non-Iron Smelting and Non-Iron Metal Manufacturing sectors.

To this end, a "Modernization and Environmental Improvement" project has been designed as part of the company’s investment plans and in anticipation of the passing of Spanish Law 16/2002 (IPPC). The project is based on three main lines of action:

  • The replacement of the existing kiln by a stronger, more modern unit with three supports rather than the existing two, and the improvement of the kiln sealing system in both the feed, or entrance, area and the exit area. This will ensure better functioning of the kiln. Execution has already begun and is due to be completed in the summer of 2006.
  • The installation of a sleeve filter at the end of the Waelz line to improve gas purification in the kiln and to guarantee, two years in advance, compliance with future IPPC requirements. Execution has already begun and is due to be completed in November 2005.
  • The installation of a new effluent treatment plant to improve the purification system for the inflow proceeding from the leaching plant, reducing the emission of suspended solids into the water. This installation is currently undergoing the running in process.

Other projects are being developed around these three main actions. Although smaller in scale, they are nevertheless just as important as the operations described above, which they are designed to complement. The ultimate aim is to bring about an environmental improvement in the sector in the Basque Region within the framework of the Voluntary Agreements.

The total investment amount, for a period of four years, already exceeds 25 million euros.

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