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Befesa wins an extension to its industrial cleaning contract with Dow Chemical Ibérica

Befesa Tratamientos y Limpiezas Industriales has held the contract for Dow Chemical Ibérica’s industrial cleaning for two years, and has now won a renewal for another year.

The services included in the contract are: the installation of a permanent extraction-impellant plant to carry out industrial cleaning with pressurized water from the Dow Norte complex. The plant has a sludge tank of four to six cubic metres, comprising a vacuum pump capable of supplying an air flow of up to 1,000 m3 / h and a 150 horsepower water pump. Also included are operations requiring the use of 3,000 bar ultrapressure units. In addition to Dow Norte, this service also includes the Dow Sur complex, also located in Tarragona, and the automated cleaning of the TLXs (vertical interchangers) in the Dow Norte’s Ethylene cracker furnaces.

The main novelty in the contract renewal is the implementation of a new method of automatically cleaning the TLXs (vertical interchangers). This has been developed jointly by Befesa Tratamiento y Limpiezas Industriales and Dow Chemical Ibérica, with highly satisfactory results with regard to both safety and cleaning efficiency.

The method is based on replacing the water impeller pump with another of greater capacity, moving from a 150 horsepower pump capable of pumping 110 l/min at up to 500 bar to a 250 horsepower pump capable of pumping up to 110 l/min of water at up to 800 bar. There is also an anti-backwash device which prevents the jet from exiting the tube out of control and striking the operator, thus providing a greater degree of safety for the worker. State of the art nozzles are used to achieve greater cleaning efficiency.

In recognition of the improvements achieved using this new cleaning procedure, Mr. Fermín Martín, head of maintenance at Dow Norte, has won the internal prize, awarded at international level, for the improvements obtained in the TLX furnace maintenance.