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Befesa- Laying of the foundation stone of the Babilafuente Irrigation System works (Salamanca)

On April 25, the Minister for Agriculture, Fishery and Food, Elena Espinosa, the Minister for Employment, Jesus Caldera, and the chairman of SEIASA del Norte, Graciliano Palomo laid the foundation stone for the irrigation modernization works for the Babilafuente Canal User Community, in Salamanca.

The 1,127-owner User Community currently irrigates 3,688 hectares of mainly rice through concrete and earth channels. The irrigation area is in the municipal districts of Aldealuenga, Aldearrubia, Babilafuente, Cordovilla, Encinas de Abajo, Garcihernández, Huerta, Moriñigo, and San Morales, all of which are in the province of Salamanca.

Their extremely deteriorated installations are to be modernized in two phases to enable spray irrigation on demand while preventing the current water leakage situation.

Phase I of the irrigation network, the object of the works contracted to Befesa consists of the 4,600 meter long, 1,600 mm to 1,400 mm diameter PRFV pressure pipeline system, five 35 cubic meter hydro-pneumatic drums to absorb the transitory regimes, the irrigation distribution piping network in sectors 1, 2 and 3, and the corresponding hydrants and draw-offs.

This activity, included in the National Irrigation Plan, was awarded to Befesa by the Public Infrastructure Enterprise Agrarias del Norte, S.A., a public enterprise dependent on the Ministry of Agriculture, in virtue of the agreements signed with the Babilafuente Canal User Community to carry out works on the irrigation area.

Activities commenced with a presentation of the works in Huerta Town Hall and the laying of the foundation stone. Following this, the ministers and the rest of the authorities, in the company of Javier Molina, Guillermo Bravo, and Jose Marañon, viewed the pipe laying works Befesa has already commenced.