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The Minister for the Environment Visit to the Nuevo Canal de Cartagena Desalination Plant

The Minister for the Environment, Cristina Narbona, visited the Desalination Plant accompanied by the Councilor for the Environment of the Murcia Region, Francisco Marques, the Chairman of the Segura Hydrographic Confederation, Jose Fuentes Zorita, the Mayor of San Pedro del Pinatar, Pedro Jose Perez, while the Canales the Taibilla Pool was represented by Antonio Leon, Government Delegate thereof, and Isidoro Carrillo and Joaquin Salinas, its Technical and Assistant Technical Officers, respectively.

The Pool, dependent on the Ministry of the Environment, is responsible for supplying primary network (high) drinking water to 77 municipal districts in Murcia, Alicante and Albacete, with a stable population in excess of 2,100,000 which, in the summer season, increases to approximately 3 million.

The extraordinary drought the area is suffering since 1999made it clear that the Pool’s existing hydraulic resources were not sufficient to meet the demand. Therefore, the Ministry of the Environment awarded, some time back, the Befesa Construcción y Tecnología-Pridesa joint venture the contract to build and operate the Nuevo Canal de Cartagena Seawater Desalination Plant.

The plant’s capacity of 65,000 cubic meters of seawater a day contributes 24 cubic hectometers of new resources per year to the Pool’s hydraulic system.

It is expected that pre-commissioning of the facility, which is almost completed, could begin around mid-2005, with full production capacity being reached in 2006.

Befesa was represented during the tour of the facilities by Javier Molina, Jose Marañon and Pedro Rodriguez.