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Befesa installs an Industrial Water Treatment Plant in Guipuzcoa

The latest project of Befesa’s subsidiary Codesa is the construction of a new Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant at Papelera Guipuzcoana’s factory in Zicuñaga. Codesa has 10 months to complete the execution of the project and a further six months for technical assistance purposes. The contract value is 3,713,555 euro (VAT included). Paper and wood pulp are La Papelera’s main products. This contract consolidates Codesa’s position in the wood pulp and paper effluent treatment sector in Spain.

The wastewater treatment plant to be installed by Codesa will have two parallel primary treatment lines: the first, with a 1,200 m3 flow capacity will treat the effluent from the Kraft pulp manufacturing process; the second 500 m3 flow capacity line will treat the effluent from a paper manufacturing machine. The basic treatment process of both lines consists of, firstly, homogenization followed by physicochemical treatment and primary settlement of the wastewaters. The sludge from this process will be forwarded to a sludge line where thickening and dehydration will be performed.