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Befesa – Inauguration of the Vila-Real Irrigation Area Modernization Works (Castellon)

The Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries, Elena Espinosa, accompanied by the Chairman of Seiasa de la Meseta Sur, Francisco Rodriguez, and the Councilor for Agriculture, Juan Cotino, inaugurated, last February 14, the Vila-Real Irrigation Community Modernization Works in the municipal districts of Villarreal, Alquerias del Niño Perdido and Burriana, in Castellon.

The renovation of the infrastructures, on which 11.4 million euro has been invested, affects 1,251 hectares of citric fruit growing area, and will enable a 40% saving in water consumption thanks to greater efficiency of the irrigation system and the new subterranean piping network that prevents filtration losses along its layout.

Furthermore, it minimizes operation costs by means of automated distribution and subscription, which reduces labor costs. Finally, human resources are optimized and improved by automation of the irrigation management system, operation costs and technical means.

The works executed, which contribute to the recovery of the area’s agricultural activity, comprise the construction of a regulating reservoir, pumping, subscriber and filtering stations, the distribution piping network, a remote-control system and the complete electric installation.

Befesa was represented at the ceremonies by Guillermo Bravo, Jose Marañon and Luis Garcia.