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Abengoa has been awarded irrigation works valued more than 16 millions euro in the Bajo Guadalquivir and Tajo - Segura areas.

Seville, August 28, 2003.- Abengoa, through Abensur Servicios Urbanos, S.A., a subsidiary company of Befesa Medio Ambiente, S.A., has been awarded by the Steering Committee of the Irrigation Subscriber Community of Sector B-XII of Bajo Guadalquivir Canal the contract for the works related to Modernisation, Automation and Monitoring by remote control of the hydraulic infrastructure of the same, for an amount of 12.070.249,52 euros.

With an irrigation surface area of 15,000 Ha, "the works of Abensur shall result in hydraulic improvements, sensoring, electrification, motorisation and automation of Sector B-XII of Bajo Guadalquivir Canal", Javier Molina Montes, President of Befesa, has declared.

The works of Abensur in all the 1,142 sites, of an average surface of 12,5 Ha each, shall basically consist in the supply and installation of thirteen new pumping units with frequency change, twenty six chain filters, thirteen motorised sluice gates and the complete electrical installation related, including low voltage panels, motorised check and butterfly valves and dirve collectors in the thirteen pumping stations in Sector B-XII.

Furthermore, 640 prefabricated sheds shall be installed, housing an 8" hydraulic valve, the flowmeter and limiter, as well as communications systems. Finally a hierarchical architectu4re control system at three levels shall be installed: 640 automatons at the lower level, 12 automatons at the central level, and one Master automaton in the new control centre where the information from the entire network is centralised. Communications will be by RF radio-link between the lower and central levels, and a microwave communications network has been designed for between the central and upper levels.

Tajo - Segura

Besides, Abensur Servicios Urbanos, S.A. has also been awarded by the State-owned company Seiasa del Sur y Este, S.A., of the works related to the modernisation of the irrigation systems of the Irrigation Subscriber Community of the Tajo - Segura transfer in Totana (Murcia), for an amount of 4,269,638'17 euros. The surface area affected by the activities corresponds to a 5,792 hectare irrigatable area which is split into two sectors (Sector V and VI), and more than 2,500 irrigation subscribers will benefit from these activities.

The works to be executed include the modification of 697 water hydrant heads to convert them into drip irrigation heads with supply controlled per plot of land, thus allowing the water consumption control and the drip irrigation over the entire area. Furthermore, tow new filtering stations shall be installed, and both the mew and existing stations shall be automated to integrate them in the general remote control system. Besides, 1,023 irrigation tapping points in Sectors V and Vi shall be equipped, comprising hydrant remote control units, with cabinets, batteries and supply and communication elements. Finally, the connections to low voltage lines and outdoor transformation centres and the installation of communications networks for data transmission between the irrigation controllers and a remote monitoring and control centre shall be executed.

"Once this two works have been finalised, these two areas shall attain the vanguard of irrigation systems, thus filling a very important lack for the future development of these areas", Javier Molina said.

Abengoa, a public industrial and technological company, with a capitalization of more than 500 million euro (Dec 31, 2002), provides solutions for the Sustainable Development, the Information Society, and the Knowledge and Infrastructures Creation. It works in four big areas of business: Bionergy, where it is the second world producer of ethanol, Enviromental Services, where it enjoys the European leadership in some niches of the industrial waste; Information Technologies, one the main players internationally, with operations throughout Europe, America and Asia; and Engineering and Industrial Construction, where it is the Spanish and Latin American leader. 2002 sales overcame 1,500 million euro, while net benefit reached 43,5 millions euro.

Befesa, the holding company for the Enviromental Services business of Abengoa, is a public company with a capitalization of more than 393 millions euro (at close of 2002) Its sales overcame 403 millions euro, 10,4% increase, and it attained a benefit of 16,2 millions euro (9,4% increase).