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Befesa has been awarded the 18,000 euro contract to clean the fuel-oil tanks at the former Puleva-Ram factory

As a consequence of the closure of the Puleva-Ram factory in Jerez de la Frontera, and the remodeling by the subsidiary Herba Ricemills for the construction of a new pre-cooked rice food plant, Befesa Tratamientos y Limpiezas Industriales has begun the cleaning of the boiler fuel-oil supply tanks. The contract value is 18,000 euro.

The works commenced on September 5 and it is estimated that seven days will be required to clean five tanks.

The work will be performed in several phases: first, the area will be signposted to prevent people not involved in the cleaning works from coming close to the facilities and exposing themselves to unnecessary risks. Then the electric, hydraulic and pneumatic lines and equipment will be connected.

Subsequently, the tank on which the work is being performed will be aired by means of pneumatic ventilators located at the tank manhole with a downcast ventilator at the tank bottom. At the same time, the inferior limit of explosivity (ILE) will be checked with a direct acoustic metering explosimeter so that the tank may be entered with the necessary protection equipment when it is below 20%. In this way and through the use of manual equipment the bottom sludge will be gathered in the center of the tank for removal with pumping units. Once the extraction process has been performed and the tank bottom cleared up, the surface areas that are in contact with the product are cleaned. Pressurized water (200 bar) is used for this process. Finally, mechanical means are utilized to remove the flushing water from the clean surfaces.

The final phase is that of surface drying with air driven from the pneumatic blower located at the tank manhole.

The contract also includes the visual control of, and reporting on the state of the interior surfaces, the transportation, management and delivery of a final treatment plant and the sealing of the tanks for integral inerting using cleaning concrete.