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Befesa awarded the Villoria irrigation area works

The Technological Institute of Agriculture of Castilla and Leon, a body dependant on the Regional Government of Castilla and Leon, has awarded Befesa Construcción y Tecnología Ambiental this 862,500 euro project.

The Villoria area, bordering on that of Babilafuente, is part of a wider-ranging hydraulic scheme corresponding to the area of La Armuña, which has yet to be developed. The gross irrigation surface area is 6,000 ha and is currently dry cultivated with almost all the crops being cereals and sunflower.

It is divided into four separate hydraulic sectors, each with its own rising station capable of pumping up to 4.6 m3 / second of water to an elevated reservoir.

The first two sectors draw water from La Armuña canal, with a 40 m3/second conveyance capacity that can be provided by the main pumping station, while the third draws from the Villoria canal, a tributary of the former which conveys 6 m3 / second. The fourth station captures its flow from the canal tail reservoir.

The works included in this project, under an array of activities intended to improve the system’s response to the variable demand, consist of:

  • Remote control and enhancement of the Villoria canal regulation, including the installation of a Taintor type regulating gate at the head thereof, next to the La Armuña canal divider.
  • Automation of the four pumping stations that supply the sectors of the irrigation area to increase the flow and a communications system with the main pumping station, where the entire system’s control center will be centralized.

The main center was built in the 80s by Abengoa’s Hydraulics Division, an activity that is currently integrated in Befesa Construcción y Tecnología Ambiental.