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Winners of the IV Befesa Photography Competition

At last we know the winners of the IV Befesa Photography Competition. The members of the panel of judges cast their votes appraising the composition, creativity and technique, without knowing the identity of the entrants.

The panel of judges comprised members of Befesa’s corporate services and business units.

The first prize, worth € 1,000 in each category, went to:

1. Befesa and nature:

- Darius Morys, from Befesa Zinc Duisburg, for the photograph "Befesa grey and green". According to Darius, the picture shows the co-existence of nature and industry, reflected in the interaction between the Befesa Zinc Duisburg plant and the monument known as “Tiger and Turtle - Magic Mountain”, which used to be a landfill site.

Darius Morys: “Befesa grey and green”

2. Befesa and its people

- Roberto Nicolas Varela Pastén, from Environmental Solutions, Norte-Befesa Chile, for his photograph “Every single hand”, which was taken during the “Hand in hand” campaign promoting caring for one’s own hands.

Roberto Nicolas Varela Pastén: “Every single hand”

3. Befesa and its facilities

- Francisco Bolaños Rowe, from Befesa Management Services for his photograph “Befesa grows”. According to Francisco “the photo shows Befesa’s expansion into new landscapes, and how the projects are implemented”.

Francisco Bolaños Rowe: “Befesa grows”

In addition, the members of the panel of judges decided that in view of the quality of the photographs submitted, the following would each be awarded a second prize worth € 300:

1. Befesa and nature:

- Nicolas Ríos Ley, from Befesa Management Services, for the photograph “Befesa dust”, which was described by its author as a “play of shadows between Befesa and one of its major assets, steel dust, producing a Martian landscape look”.

Nicolas Ríos Lay: “Befesa dust”

2. Befesa and its people

- Luis Enrique Ruiz, from Befesa México, for the photo “Checking out the robot” taken when the equalisation tank was being cleaned in the effluent area of the Dos Bocas-Pemex maritime terminal, situated in Paraíso (Tabasco)

Luis Enrique Ruiz. “Checking out the robot”

3. Befesa and its facilities

- Laura Ribera, from Befesa Salzschlacke, for the photograph “Salt slag repository at Befesa Valladolid”, awarded for the symmetry of the facilities and the light entering between the beams.

Laura Ribera: “Salt slag repository at Befesa Valladolid”

Congratulations to the winners!