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Befesa awarded hydroelectric plant contract at the head of the Canal de Navarra (Spain)

The state-owned company Canal de Navarra (Canasa) has awarded Befesa Agua, in a joint venture with Iberinco, the project and works of the hydroelectric plant at the head of the Canal de Navarra, worth more than €10 million.

The objective of the works is to benefit from the hydroelectric power generated by the flow of water regulated by the Itoiz reservoir at the head of the Canal de Navarra, thanks to the height difference between the water in the reservoir and the canal, which can be up to 56 metres when the reservoir is full. The power plant will be constructed at the exit of the tunnel that comes from the reservoir where the canal enters the open air.

The plant turbines will be capable of handling up to 400 cubic hectometres of water per year from the Itoiz reservoir as it passes through the Canal de Navarra for irrigation, supply and industrial use. The plant will have two vertical axis Francis-type turbines with a total flow of 45 cubic meters of water per second, linked to two synchronous generators.

The plant will have a total installed power of 20 megawatts with an annual output of 30 gigawatt hours, which will prevent the equivalent of 12,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere every year.

The filling phase of the Itoiz reservoir was completed in early 2009, marking the start of its operational phase. As well as this new contract, Befesa Agua also constructed the hydroelectric plant at the base of the Itoiz dam for Canasa. Following its inauguration in March 2009, this plant now produces 125 gigawatt hours of energy every year, equivalent to 7% of the total energy consumed in Navarre.

The hydroelectric power from the Itoiz reservoir from these two plants forms part of a series of actions in the Canal de Navarra project, which will provide irrigation to around 60,000 hectares and will improve water security and quality for more than 70% of Navarre’s population.

Befesa’s extensive experience in the hydroelectric sector includes the construction of 45 power plants with a total installed capacity of more than 440 megawatts.