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Murcia Regional Ministry of Agriculture and Water awards Befesa the contract to expand the Santomera treatment plant in Spain

The Murcia Regional Ministry of Agriculture and Water has awarded Befesa Agua the contract to construct the extension to the waste water treatment plant located north of Santomera in Murcia (Spain), worth more than €1.3 million.

The treatment plant receives waste water from the upper rural districts of Santomera and from the industrial estates in the northern part of the municipality. The urban development of the residential and the industrial areas of this zone has led to an excessive volume of waste water being produced in the last few years, despite the relatively recent development (1999) and subsequent expansion (2005).

In addition to expanding the plant, the awarded works will improve the process for obtaining treated water under optimum conditions. The waste water treatment will be carried out using an Orbal-type biological reactor through a low load activated sludge process with secondary settling and a tertiary ultraviolet filtration and disinfection treatment. The plant will have a treatment capacity of nearly 6,000 cubic metres of water per day and it will serve a population of more than 20,000 inhabitants.

This project is Befesa Agua’s first water purification contract in the Murcia region. The company has extensive experience in the water treatment sector in which it is a national leader and its installations supply or treat the water for more than eight million inhabitants.