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Befesa is awarded an annual contract to clean the suction chambers of the water pumping stations of Emasesa

Empresa Metropolitana de Abastecimiento y Saneamiento de Aguas de Sevilla (Emasesa), which is responsible for managing the direct drinking water supply and the public sewerage and water treatment services for the city of Seville, has awarded the industrial cleaning division of Befesa Industrial Waste Management a contract to clean the pump suction chambers in 37 facilities in the metropolitan area of Seville.

The awarded works include the cleaning of sediment, solids and floating debris from the various suction chambers in the drinking water and waste water pumping stations and related works, in order to prevent these materials from entering the pump motors in these facilities, which can damage or block them, lowering performance, especially when it rains.

Befesa’s industrial cleaning division operates in the industrial services sector through a wide range of products and services that include the suction and propelling of solids, liquids and sludges; high pressure cleaning; high pressure water demolition work; specialised cutting and cleaning; changing catalyst beds; tank and pipeline cleaning; management and treatment of wastes at clients’ facilities; and tank cleaning services at refineries and large oil installations.

This contract expands Befesa’s portfolio of large clients as well as allowing it to contribute to improving efficient water management and use, in line with the company’s sustainability strategy.