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Befesa awarded contract to supply casting machines in India

The machinery and technology sales division of Befesa Aluminio has been chosen to supply five casting machines for aluminium ingot production as part of the expansion project of the new Vedanta aluminium foundry in Jharsuguda (India), worth more than 12 million dollars.

Vedanta Resources plc is one of the leading business groups in India, with a diversified and integrated activity in the metals and mining sector. Its principal businesses include aluminium, including aluminium production, reduction and refining; copper, including smelting and refining in India, extraction in Australia and its integral treatment in Zambia; and finally, zinc extraction and smelting in India.

The awarded supply contract relates to five fully automated casting belts and an automatic trailer loader system. The belts will be for manufacturing 23 kilograms aluminium ingots and will have a production capacity of 30 tonnes per hour per machine. The supply includes the design, manufacture, assembly and the start-up of the equipment, which will be delivered during 2009 although the preparation work will last until 2010. Befesa is currently assembling three casting machine lines from a previous contract in the initial stage of the project, with an estimated annual production of 250,000 tonnes.

During this year, the machinery and technology sales division of Befesa Aluminio has been awarded other contracts to supply casting machines to Qatalum (Qatar) and EMAL (United Arab Emirates), which together account for more than 11 million euro in investment. These projects are helping this division to consolidate itself as a leader in sales of equipment for aluminium and zinc foundries, primarily in slab and ingot casting lines.