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Befesa to operate Tablada Treatment Plant in Seville for six years

The city of Seville water company Empresa Metropolitana de Abastecimiento y Saneamiento de Aguas de Sevilla (Emasesa) has awarded Befesa, under a joint venture with Agua y Gestion de Servicios Ambientales, S.A., the more than 7.5 million euro contract to maintain, conserve, and operate Tablada Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP).

Tablada WWTP, operating since 1990, is to the west of the city of Seville and treats the wastewaters fro Los Remedios district. The treatment plant, based on conventional treatment with medium load activated sludge, anaerobic digestion, and mechanical dehydration of sludge with cogeneration, with an average daily flow of 50,000 cubic meters per day, serves a population of 200,000.

This contract, comprising a three-year period extendable for a further three, also includes the maintenance, conservation and operation of Los Remedios and La Puebla I and II Storm Water Pumping Stations (SWPS). Los Remedios SWPS has eight 170 kilowatt pumps, and those of La Puebla I and II have 2+1 wastewater pumps, each with an approximate flow of 45 liters per second, as well as several storm water pumps.

With this contract, Befesa consolidates its leadership in water management, in this case, via the adoption of measures that help to ensure correct functioning of treatment facilities, thereby contributing to improving the environment around us and integration of these infrastructures into the same.