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Befesa to invest three million euro to complete the Nerva Center during 2008

Huelva, April 4, 2008. Befesa will invest three million euro in Nerva Industrial Waste Management Center to complete the original project, approved by the Regional Government of Andalusia in 1993. Of note among the scheduled works is the construction of two new plants, one for pulverulents and the other for industrial water treatment.

The General Manager of Befesa Gestión de Residuos Industriales, Santiago Ortiz, announced the figure today in the course of a visit by members of the Tracking Commission, set up by Nerva town council, to the company’s facilities in the locality. Santiago Ortiz accompanied the political authorities, social representatives and trade union representatives on their tour of the facility and explained how it operated. Befesa’s manager indicated that the visit responds to "our commitment to transparency and constant collaboration with Nerva’s institutions. Befesa welcomed the creation of this consultation body while emphasizing its desire to achieve "a climate of trust between all parties".

Santiago Ortiz stressed that the development of the project "is going to generate employment in the district, and at the same time emphasized the fact that "there will be no expansion of the facility involved" as the works in question are included in the project approved by the Regional Government ten years ago, which received the backing of Nerva town council which considered of social interest.

The project also contemplates, among other activities, conditioning of the lixiviate treatment plant, commissioning of pre-mixing pits and inerting support plant, and construction of a new deposit for hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. Furthermore, plant operation will be improved with the substitution of drinking water by raw water for industrial use, the construction of new facilities for container storage prior to them being shipped for recovery or recycling, and the installation of a second weighbridge for trucks. Finally, works will be undertaken to improve control at entrances and enclosure of the facilities and of services provided for employees and subcontractors. Some of these works are carrying out and the rest will start up soon.

Befesa is currently processing the concession of the Integral Environmental Authorization demanded by European legislation. Compliance with environmental legislation on reception and management of the wastes is assured via the certificates the Center holds, which were awarded by AENOR.

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