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Befesa awarded contract to supply casting machines in Qatar

Befesa Aluminio has received a letter of intention to supply casting machines to the new Qatalum aluminium foundry in Qatar.

The Qatalum plant, which expects to have an annual aluminium capacity of 585,000 tonnes, will be linked to a gas operated 1,350 megawatts electricity power plant. Located in the industrial zone of Doha, it will be the largest initial capacity plant ever constructed, with plans to expand future capacity to 1.2 million tonnes per year.

The work for the contract includes the design, manufacture, assembly and start-up of three fully automated casting belts; two for small ingot alloys (10 kilograms) and one for primary ingots (22.7 kilograms). The equipment will be supplied at the end of 2008 and started in early 2009. The project is worth nearly six million euros.

Qatalum is a jointly owned company between Qatar Petroleum, which owns 50 percent and is responsible for all the gas and oil processes in Qatar, including exploration, extraction, production, refining, transport, storage, commercialisation and distribution of all their derivatives; and Hydro, the leading company in the aluminium sector with significant technology capacity.

This project will be developed by the sale of machinery and technology division of Befesa Aluminio, specialises in the design, construction, assembly and start-up of turnkey facilities for the aluminium and zinc industry. It is a sector leader for sales of foundry equipment, primarily ingot and slab casting lines, as well as providing technological support to Befesa’s business unit, and it has carried out an extensive number of projects with more than 100 facilities in 40 countries.