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Befesa – Seminar on Paper Industry Wastewater Treatment

The Seminar which was held in Madrid on December 14, 2006, focused on the training of technical personnel from pulp, paper and cardboard manufacturing companies. Befesa Fluidos participated actively with a paper on Aerobic Treatment Processes for the Pulp and paper Industry, presented by its Technical Manager, Diego Gomez Piqueras.

Split into five points, a presentation was made on Bases and Factors involved in Wastewater Treatment Processes, Principal Biological Processes, General Design parameters and aspects related to the Operation of Treatment Plants.

The IPE, established in 1963, is a national non-profit making private Innovation and Technology Center, whose aim is to increase the technological and innovation capacity of companies and professionals from the paper sector by providing consultation training and data services. It comprises 49 manufacturers from the paper sector, as corporate partners, and 60 companies connected with the sector.