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Befesa collaborates with the University

Befesa has renewed its collaboration contract with the University of San Jorge in Zaragoza as part of the postgraduate program entitled “the Environment, Enterprise, and Pollution Control and Prevention”.

This university, of renowned prestige for its intellectual meticulousness and the quality of the services it provides, has decided that the links between the university academic world and society, through its institutions, companies and other social representative groups, have to be strengthened, and it has chosen Befesa to conduct its project. The objective is for Befesa representatives to attend the university’s facilities to give classes on wastes. To be precise, Roberto Caudevilla, Commercial Manager for Bgri’s northern area, and Ivan Escribano, Head of Operation of the La Puebla (Zaragoza) Transfer Plant, will be Befesa’s representatives on the project.

Another initiative Befesa has undertaken this year is its participation in the Environmental Risks Assessment Master’s Course for agro-fishery and domestic wastes that is being given by the Alcala de Henares University of Madrid in collaboration with Miliarium, Green Planet Research, and Befesa.

These two initiatives contribute to the training of superior experts so that they may learn about waste management and the environmental risks originating there from, and thus be capable of assessing and managing these risks and develop the required skills to face the new challenges in the environmental health sector.

Befesa collaborates with the University