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Befesa participated in the Technical sessions organized by the University of Salamanca

On November 24, Juan Francisco Sanchez Matamoros presented a paper on the Negratin-Almanzora Pipeline at the session dedicated to practical cases at the 6th Course on the Design and Installation of Pipelines for Water Transportation, which was organized by the University of Salamanca.

This 120 kilometer pipeline allows the transportation of 50 cubic hectometers a year, which guarantee the irrigation of 24,000 hectares in 27 municipal districts of the eastern Almeria area and the enhancement of the water supply to their urban nuclei.

The presentation focused on the initial lead line system that was built by Befesa Construcción y Tecnología Ambiental. It elevates a 2,000 l/sec. flow to a nominal geometric height of 424 meters by means of a 15.5 megawatt nominal rated pumping station located at the Negratin reservoir.

The complex solution adopted was described in detail in the April 2004 issue of this newsletter, within the framework of series of articles dedicated to transitory regimes on lead lines.

Of note is the fact that in a subsequent paper at the same course, presented by the Polytechnic University of Valencia on the Analysis of Transitory regimes on Large Pipelines, high praise was given to some of the technical aspects Befesa Construcción y Tecnología Ambiental applies systematically in the design of these type of installations based on its vast experience, and which are not of generalized use in the sector.