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Befesa Gestión de Residuos Industriales participates in the Environment Sessions organized by Ragace

The event revealed the real needs of a sector, that of graphic arts, which is very widespread and susceptible to improvements from an environmental point of view.


Befesa welcomes B.U.S

The sessions have served to establish initial contacts between both management teams and pave the way to the commencement of joint operations


Befesa Gestión PCB awarded the Iberdrola supplier of the year prize

On December 13, the 5th edition of the Iberdrola Supplier of the Year Prizes was held.


Befesa. Sodium and potassium salt drying through the recovery of flue gases from a steam boiler

Substitution of the rotary drum with natural gas burner process for salt drying by the utilization of boiler gases released into the atmosphere by means of a vibrating fluidized bed.


Befesa puts down its roots overseas

The Spanish company is looking to make the most of its high profile successes, by setting up an international network of offices.


Befesa participated in the conference organised by the Institute for International Research

The Institute for International Research organized a series of conferences in Madrid on 26 and 27 September on the design and construction of water treatment plants.


Befesa's earnings after tax increased by 18.5per cent in third quarter

Operating result (EBITDA) increases 19per cent to 32.4 million euros


Cristina Narbona starts-up the Los Manueles Hydroelectric Power Station

The ceremony was also attended by Francisco Núñez (Head of the Southern Regional Office) and Adrián Baltanás (Director General) of Acuamed, and Guillermo Bravo and José Marañón in representation of CTA.


Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food opens the El Carlet irrigation modernisation works awarded to Befesa

This project which forms part of the National Irrigation Plan and the agreements signed between the irrigation association and the Ministry of Agriculture represent an investment of €4,531,825.40.


Befesa to give a prize to the best doctoral thesis on environmental issues at the University of Seville

In order to encourage and promote research into issues related to its business, Befesa Medio Ambiente is offering the "Befesa Prize for the Best Doctoral Thesis on Environmental Issues"


José Marañón, new Chairman of Agua y Gestión

José Marañón Martín has been a director of the company since its foundation. A man with an impressive reputation and extensive experience in the water sector, José Marañón has held various positions at Abengoa, among others, throughout his professional career



Befesa Ingeniería Medioambiental will participate in the 3rd Renewable Energies and Water Technologies Fair

From October 5 to 7, the city of Almeria Chamber of Commerce will host the third edition of the Renewable Energies and Water Technologies Fair.


Befesa Peru awarded the annual prize for responsible management in the handling of solid wastes

Befesa Peru is the only company authorized by the Directorate General for Environmental Health (DIGESA) of the Ministry to treat and finally dispose of wastes.


Befesa to participate in the International Environment Exhibition

Befesa, as a company concerned about and dedicated to the environment, will participate in the Fair, not only with a stand in the 1 C-44 D-43 pavilion where everyone is most welcome to visit us, but it will also participate actively in all the scheduled parallel events and sessions.


Befesa Salt Slags, the first Befesa company to obtain the Integrated Environmental Authorization

Befesa Salt Slags thereby consolidates its position as the only facility in the United Kingdom authorized to treat the salt slags from the secondary aluminum production process and manage aluminum wastes and other metallic residues.


Befesa awarded the maintenance and conservation of several dams in Murcia

The joint venture established by Codesa, Befesa Construcción y Tecnología Ambiental, and Infraestructura y Ecología has been awarded said maintenance and conservation contract.


Befesa signs contracts to supply ingoting lines.

Befesa, through its aluminum and zinc industry equipment design and sales division, has recently signed three important ingoting line supply contracts with the primary aluminum producers Slovalco, Aluminum Bahrain and Sohar Aluminum.


Results for First Half 2006

The sales of the Environmental Services Business Unit have increased by 39.9 million euro on the previous year´s figure, which is a 22.4 percent increase.


The consortium formed by Befesa has been awarded the construction of infrastructures for the watering area of the Navarra channel in its first phase

Befesa Construcción y Tecnología Ambiental has always cooperated with the agriculture field and has put into operation watering systems for more than 500,000 hectares


Integrated management of agricultural plastic eesidue (Girpa): new awardings and contracts

Befesa Plásticos was granted the tender summoned by the Association of Municipalities of the Costa del Sol - la Axarquia (Málaga), for the supply of agricultural plastic residue collection and management services. This residue is produced by the intensive agricultural activity of that area.


Befesa is awarded the Bajo Almanzora desalination plant

This award was made within the AGUA programme that is being carried out by the Ministry for the Environment in order to progressively resolve the deficiencies in water management, availability and quality that are present throughout Spain.



Befesa participated in the Second Specialist Encounter: Desalination within the A.G.U.A. program

Befesa participated actively in these working sessions within the private initiative and the desalination business presenting a paper read by Guillermo Bravo, managing director of Befesa Construction and Environmental Technology


Agua y Gestión awarded a 73 million euro contract to manage the water in Zafra (Badajoz)

Befesa holds a 35.44 % stake in Sociedad Agua y Gestión and is responsible for the design, construction, installation and operation of hydraulic infrastructures


Codesa to construct the Sewage Treatment Works (STW) in Bornos (Cadiz)

This is the third project to be awarded to Codesa by Egmasa in 2006


Befesa inaugurates a hazardous waste transfer facility in Lucena

The inauguration ceremony was also attended by the Mayor of Villa del Rio and by Befesa's chairman, Javier Molina


Befesa organizes a Golf Tournament in Huelva

At the end of the tournament, Befesa's chairman, Javier Molina, presented the trophies to the winners


Befesa receives the "Andalusia" Environment Prize

Befesa was awarded the prize under the enterprise environmental management modality for its work in conserving and preserving the environment


Befesa participates in the international seminar on "Technological innovation and sustainable water management"

Befesa participated in this section with a presentation made by Jorge Salas, director of special projects, on Befesa's experience in desalination technologies


Befesa will channel the wastewaters from Huelva Port

For more than three million euro


Befesa's cleaning division has demonstrated the advantages of hydro-cutting in special application for the industrial sector

Hydro-cutting has many advantages: the cut is done with water and abrasive; there is no flame; the direction can be controlled with guide devices and therefore the cut is clean and of excellent geometry


Jose Maria Balseiro Perez del Villar awarded the Improvement Action (IA) Prize in Environmental Engineering

These improvement actions have consisted of the execution of comparisons by means of real functioning tests on the river Guadalquivir Automatic Hydrological Information System (SAIH in Spanish)


Abengoa, ACS and Sacyr Vallehermoso increase the capacity of two desalination plants in Algeria

Geida signs the Beni Saf plant financing contract. The consortium's earnings from water sales will exceed 2,850 million dollars


Befesa Fluidos will construct two leachate treatment plants in Madrid and Zaragoza

Leachate is the water that has filtered from stored urban waste


The Superior Technical College of Engineering of Bilbao and the company Befesa Medio Ambiente renew their scientific and educational collaboration commitment in the "Befesa Classroom"

The objective of the Befesa Classroom, established in the headquarters of the educational center in the year 2000, is to contribute to the training of future engineering professionals and the development of R&D in chemical, environmental and process technologies


Befesa's employees visit the Exhibition entitled "From Herrera to Velazquez: Early naturalism in Seville"

Befesa's employees visit the Exhibition entitled "From Herrera to Velazquez: Early naturalism in Seville"


Befesa presents its 2005 third quarter results

In the first quarter of the 2006 financial year, the sales of the Environmental Services Business Unit have increased by 28.9 million euro on the previous year's figure, which is a 33.6 percent increase


Befesa organizes a dinner in the Museum of Fine Arts of Bilbao, to celebrate the inauguration of the Exhibition entitled "From Herrera to Velázquez. Early naturalism in Seville"

The exhibition also provided Befesa with the opportunity to strengthen its relationships with the Basque Country's most important and influential businessmen, as well as its institutional relationships, given its consolidated implantation in the Basque industrial sector


Befesa to construct leachate plant for Epremasa, the environmental and waste management company of the province of Córdoba

It is expected to operate 300 days of the year from Monday to Saturday, excluding holidays, and to have a base capacity of 4 m3/hour with a minimum 70 m3/day


Befesa participates in the World Water Expo in Mexico

Befesa Construcción y Tecnología Ambiental and Abengoa México participated in the World Water Exposition with a stand which detailed the most important projects executed to date


The Albega center has voluntarly adhered to Regulation 761/01 of the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS)

This center is licensed to collect, transport, treat, store and eliminate wastes


Befesa utilizes the "pigging" technique to clean the pipes of the Iberdrola-owned Lada thermal power plant

Befesa has completed the cleaning of pipes that contained fuel, prior to their dismantling



Befesa's La Puebla de Alfindén center has obtained the environmental certificate according to the Standard ISO 14001:2004

The La Puebla de Alfindén center is licensed by the Regional Government of Aragon to conduct activities comprising the storage of hazardous wastes for subsequent transfer to other sites where they are valorized or eliminated


Befesa Zinc Sondika has its Environmental Management System certified according to standard UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2004

All the systems have been audited by qualified independent teams of auditors that have nothing to do with the production line


Befesa participated in Aqua 2006, the 3rd Water Management Conference

Befesa, through its subsidiary Befesa Construcción y Tecnología Ambiental, participated actively in the monographic session entitled "Desalination as an alternative water source"



Befesa Announces 2005 Financial Results

Befesa Announces 2005 Financial Results


Befesa awarded the construction of an ingoting belt for Slovalco's primary aluminum foundry

The work will be conducted by Befesa Aluminio Bilbao through Tecnología Remetal, a division dedicated to the design and sale of equipment for the aluminum and zinc industrial sectors


Befesa Desulfuración begins to receive liquid sulfur from Total E&P France

The liquid sulfur is unloaded directly into the storage tank that feeds the sulfur combustion tanks in the sulfuric acid production process


Befesa Fluidos achieves ISO 14001:2004 certification for Environmental Management Systems

The certificate verifies that Befesa Fluidos takes environmental criteria into account in the design and engineering of the installations that it creates


Befesa will conduct the decontamination works at Tussam's former bus depots

These works will free the soil of contamination which, in turn, will allow the sites to be utilized for another purpose


New structure of Befesa Gestión de Residuos Industriales

New structure of Befesa Gestión de Residuos Industriales


Befesa - Completion of the Villaviciosa de Cordoba, and Casares, Malaga, STWs

These two projects are part of the Andalusia Environment Plan, one of the basic objectives of which is protection of the water environment


The Cartagena Desalination Plant reaches full production capacity

The Minister for the Environment visits the Cartagena Desalination Plant


Bayer congratulates Befesa

Bayer congratulates Bsfesa for the service provided over the last few years at the MDI/CO plant belonging to Bayer Polímeros, S.L., in Tarragona


Umicore congratulates Befesa

Cusomers´Satisfaction Questionarie


Befesa Tratamientos y Limpiezas Industriales presents special projects at its commercial convention in Zaragoza

At the convention, which was attended by thirty members of the Befesa Tratamientos y Limpiezas Industriales and the Befesa Gestión de Residuos Industriales commercial team, twenty company activity projects in the different industrial sectors were presented so that their technical and commercial particularities could be studies


Bahía de Bizkaia Electricidad congratulates Befesa on inspection works carried out

This result is, undoubtedly, due to the joint effort of all who participated in all the phases of the inspection works


New appointments in Befesa

New appointments in Befesa


Bravo for Befesa´s golden year

The Seville-based Construction and environmental services group has suddenly become desalination´s hottest ticket


Befesa participates in the Workshop "ITER Opportunities for European Industry"

Befesa participated with a wall chart focused on treatment plants for industrial process and wastewaters exhibited in the Industrial Technological Development Center's (CDTI) stand