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Befesa receives the "Andalusia" Environment Prize

Last June 9, the city of Jaen was the scenario for the presentation ceremony of the 11th edition of the Andalusia Environment Prizes, which was presided over by the councilor for the Environment, Fuensanta Coves, and the councilor for the Presidency, Gaspar Zarrias. The prizes are awarded in recognition of the outstanding work done by individuals, groups and companies from the Autonomous Region in defense of environmental values and who have made a considerable contribution to the conservation, protection and diffusion thereof. The competition was announced in the Order issued on February 14, 2006.

Befesa was awarded the prize under the enterprise environmental management modality for its work in conserving and preserving the environment. The company is dedicated to providing environmental services for industry and the construction of environmental infrastructures, and it outstood for having certified environmental management systems implemented at its facilities. In addition, in 2005 it invested more than a million euro in research, development and innovation programs and projects, which are an important part of the company's growth strategy. The company's chairman, Javier Molina, collected the prize at the ceremony.

During the presentation ceremony the importance of the environmental values of the Autonomous Region of Andalusia, as an opportunity for sustainable growth to consolidate the economic development of the area, was stressed.

The awarding of this prize encourages the company to continue to work on the conservation and preservation of the environment, while it is also a clear demonstration of the intense work carried out in this respect in 2005 by the entire company.