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Befesa Peru awarded the annual prize for responsible management in the handling of solid wastes

The National Environment Council of Peru (CONAM), the environmental body responsible for protection of the environment, has awarded Befesa Peru the Annual Prize for Responsible Management in the Handling of Solid Wastes in 2006 in the Service Provider Companies and Solid Waste Marketing Companies category, following a study that revealed that the wastes generated in the country are not suitably disposed of.

The objective of the annual prize is to identify and diffuse successful experiences in the management and handling of solid wastes so that they may be copied by other organizations to the benefit of the population and the environment.

Befesa Peru, strategically based at 2.2 kilometers from the nearest populated area, with an initial waste treatment capacity of 65,000 tons, and a foreseen capacity of 450,000 tons, is the only company authorized by the Directorate General for Environmental Health (DIGESA) of the Ministry to treat and finally dispose of wastes. For this purpose, the company currently has a safety refill area for the disposal of industrial wastes that guarantees total imperviousness of the wastes under maximum security conditions. Isolation is therefore ensured thanks to the natural and artificial waterproofing system.

With a policy that pursues the providing of a better customer service, Befesa has had its Environmental Management System certified according to Standard ISO 14001 and its Quality Management System certified according to Standard ISO 9001 as regards the integral management of industrial wastes.