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Results for First Half 2006

During the first six months of the 2006 financial year, the sales of the Environmental Services Business Unit have increased by 39.9 million euro on the previous year´s figure, which is a 22.4 percent increase. All the Befesa business units have increased in their sales over the first sixs months of the current financial year.

Results for First Half 2006
ConceptJune 2005June 2006Variation
EBITDA / Sales10.6%10.3%-3.2%
BDI dominante5.97.018.6%

By business unit, the results of Aluminum Waste Recycling units are of note. These increase their sales by 22.4% and 40%, respectively. This was mainly as a consequence of their higher volume of waste treated and the higher cost of the metal. The Environmental Engineering business units sales were up 18% on the previous Period.

As regards the Ebtida, it has increased by 3.5 million euro compared to 2005 (+18.5%). This is due, mainly, to the positive evolution of the aforementioned business units. The Ebtida/Sales ratio has dropped slightly to 10.3 percent, due mainly to the modification in the business Unit´s sales mix.

Both the EAT and the EAT of the parent company have evolved positively in the first six months of 2006 and have reached 8.1 and 7.0 million euro, respectively, which is 26.6 % and 18.6 % more than the figures achieved in the same period the previous year.