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Befesa participates in the international seminar on "Technological innovation and sustainable water management"

On May 30 and 31, Befesa attended the first international seminar on "Technological innovation and sustainable water management" which was organized by Acuamed, a company dependent on the Ministry of the Environment.

Water management has evolved over recent years towards an integral conception, in which interests of a social, economic and ecological nature converge on those that are more sensitive, the new policies, and this seminar enabled scientists, experts, public authorities and businessmen, based on their experience and practical cases, to analyze and assess the current situation as regards water management.

The seminar was split into three sections: consideration of the scientific and technological advances at the service of integral and sustainable hydrological planning; an exposition of experiences and practical cases from an integral viewpoint; and, finally, institutional reflection and discussion on the different political options in pursuit of meeting points.

The objective of the second module, "experiences: technical applications", was to basically present enterprise experiences in the management of surface and underground waters, the upgrading of irrigation systems, treatment and desalination plants. Befesa participated in this section with a presentation made by Jorge Salas, director of special projects, on Befesa's experience in desalination technologies. Jorge Salas provided a detailed summary of the technology employed by Befesa in the construction of desalination plants in recent years. He also stressed the new medium term business opportunities that are arising mainly in the United States, China and Southeast Asia and, in the shorter-term, in the Persian Gulf, Central Asia or Tunisia and Algeria, where Befesa has already been awarded three contracts for desalination plants in Skikda, Beni Saf, and Tlemclem-Hounaine, which will supply water for a population of more than 2,500,000.

The seminar was brought to a close by Antonio Serrano Rodriguez, secretary general for Territory and Biodiversity of the Ministry of the Environment, who stressed the importance of these types of encounters for the exchanging of the different points of view of those that are working to achieve integral water management.