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Befesa Tratamientos y Limpiezas Industriales presents special projects at its commercial convention in Zaragoza

The Befesa Tratamientos y Limpiezas Industriales commercial team met in Zaragoza to present and analyze 2005's most important projects. Zaragoza was chosen to hold the convention in recognition of the intense commercial development work performed by this office's team throughout 2005. Of note among the works carried out were the hydrocutting projects executed at the Saica paper mills, and the launching of integral services for the industry.

More than twenty projects were presented: automatic crude oil tank cleaning, grain silo cleaning, storage depot slop oil cleaning and management, centrifuging of refinery pool sludge, power plant fuel pipe pigging, integral powder cleaning works in steelworks, and antibiotics industry autoclave cleaning, among others.

The company's technical-commercial teams emphasized the integration of services that include, in addition to cleaning, waste management, hydraulic tests, product or equipment analysis, and other additional services which have all lead to "turnkey" bids for different industrial sectors countrywide. Of note is the mobilization of means to carry out works on the Canary Islands, and in Portugal and France, the activities to respond to emergencies such as the decontamination of collectors in Valencia or the projects that require massive mobilization of means such as the stoppage of the Tarragona refinery, which required the deployment of more than 60 specialized workers from all regional offices and more than 25 units.

Befesa's priority objective for 2006 is to increase the degree of services integration to enable efficient and competitive response to its customers' demands.