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Befesa signs an agreement with Egmasa to purchase 100 per cent of the shares of Albega

On November 7, 2005, an agreement has been signed between Empresa de Gestión Medioambiental, S.A. (Egmasa), a company owned by the Department of the Environment of the Regional Government of Andalusia, and Befesa Medio Ambiente, S.A., by which the latter has purchased the 50% shareholding Egmasa held in Albega. Simultaneously to the Agreement signing, the assets and elements that comprise the Industrial Wastes Treatment Environmental Platform that were property of Egmasa were integrated in Albega. The overall cost of the operation is 3 million euro.

According to Befesa’s chairman, Javier Molina, "with this purchase and the investments that have been made in the facility, Befesa is setting the objective of waste valorization and the fabrication of new materials utilizing the resources contained in the wastes in accordance with the new legal requirements, and is putting its trust in sustainable development".

Albega is an industrial wastes treatment environmental platform, with a stabilization/inerting unit and a physicochemical treatment unit capable of treating around 70,000 tons of hazardous wastes per year. In addition, its environmental management systems are UNE-EN-ISO 14001 certified, the Occupational Risks Prevention System is OHSAS 18001 certified and the facility is currently in the process of being certified according to the Regulation EC 761/2001 (EMAS) "Eco-management and Eco-audit Scheme".

Befesa continues with its commitment to improve and modernize the facilities of the Industrial Wastes Disposal and Valorization plant managed by Egmasa. A clear example of this is the modification made to the organic treatment plant to manufacture a new material the end use of which will be as secondary fuel.

Befesa, Abengoa’s Environmental Services subsidiary, focuses on providing environmental services for industry and on the construction of environmental infrastructures. It is a listed company and closed 2004 with a treasury stock of more than 393 million euro. In 2004, Befesa managed a total of 1,374,000 tons of industrial wastes, a twelve percent increase on the previous year (

Abengoa, a listed industrial and technology company with treasury stock of more than 1,200 million euro, provides solutions for Sustainable Development, the Information and Knowledge Society, and the Creation of Infrastructures. It currently operates in four large activity sectors: Bioenergy, where it is the world’s no. 2 bioethanol producer; Environmental Services, where it is European leader in segments of the industrial wastes market; Information Technologies, where it is one of the main role players at international level, with operations in Europe, the Americas, and Asia; and Industrial Engineering and Construction, where it is leader in Spain and Latin America. (