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Agua y Gestión awarded the water supply contract for the municipal district of San José del Valle, in Cadiz

Agua y Gestión, a company participated by Befesa, Codesa, Ayesa, and Istmo 94, and the El Monte Savings Bank, has been awarded the 15-year concession water supply and treatment contract for the municipal district of San Jose del Valle, in the province of Cadiz.

Under this project, in addition to the water supply, Agua y Gestión will execute a series of technological improvements to the distribution network, the sectoring or a geographic information system, as well as a series of investments in the water supply and treatment network infrastructure. In this regard, it will expand the supply system to Brioles, improve the supply and treatment system in the district of San Antonio and will carry out chlorination at the network tail. As regards the prices to be applied, Agua y Gestión has proposed the introduction of a social price for retired persons, the unemployed and large families.

Agua y Gestión is currently providing services for a population of almost 150,000. This means it has a 7.5% of the Andalusia market share. In addition, it is the no. 1 private integral water cycle company with only Andalusia share capital and no. 3 among those operating in this Autonomous Region.

Agua y Gestión operates in different municipal districts, in Cadiz and Andalusia, such as Barbate and its satellite village of Zahara de Los Atunes, in Cadiz, Herrera, in Seville, Guadix, Puebla de Don Fadrique and Ugíjar, in Granada, Baena, in Cordoba, El Ejido, in Almeria, and, as of from now, in San Jose del Valle as well. The company, in addition to providing water supply and treatment services, operates other lines of business that, together with the former, cover all the company’s services: operation and maintenance of infrastructures. It is currently operating several treatment plants, and these activities are complemented with technical assistance and outsourcing services.