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Befesa awarded wastewater purification and treatment works of several municipal districts in the province of Cordoba

The Regional Government of Andalusia has awarded, though the public utility Gestión de Infraestructuras (GIASA), two projects to Befesa subsidiaries, one to Befesa Construcción y Tecnología Ambiental and another to Codesa, to construct the wastewater purification and treatment works of four municipalities in the province of Cordoba. The total value is 14 million euro.

GIASA is the utility responsible for executing the policies established by the Regional Government of Andalusia in matters related to transport and hydraulic infrastructures.

Befesa Construcción y Tecnología Ambiental will construct the collectors to group the discharges, and the Villafranca de Cordoba and Villa del Rio Wastewater Treatment Plants (STWs), while Codesa will do likewise for the municipalities of Pedro Abad-El Carpio and Adamuz.

In all, the four STWs will be capable of treating the discharge from a population of 28,000, with a 7,738 cubic meter per day treatment flow. The STWs’ processes will be prolonged aeration (under load) and sludge dehydration by centrifugation.

To group the discharges from the 4 municipalities, eleven wastewater pumping stations will have to be built and more than 16 kilometers of piping systems, ductile cast iron on the pressurized sections, and high-density polyethylene on the gravity sections.